Val Arraj

Val Arraj



Location: Newburyport, MA
Degree/Education: BA Communication Studies

Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Professional Colleagues: The team at Service Catalyst

Valerie Arraj has helped dozens clients build roadmaps and implement Service Management best practices and service automation.  She has been a trusted advisor at the CIO, VP and director levels in organizations helping to enable digital transformation efforts.  An ITSM expert, she has authored white papers, delivered seminars and presented on various aspects of IT management. She has edited multiple publications including ITIL® V3 and 2011 Operations publications as well as Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation. Playing a strategic advisory role at the C and Director levels of organizations, she has assisted in building successful ITSM programs and automation capabilities.
Areas of expertise include:
• Regulatory compliance controls and governance as it relates to change, configuration and asset management, access management
• Data Architecture, Data Warehouse Architecture and business intelligence
• Service Catalog development
• Service Automation
• ITIL® Expert certified

Interesting projects leveraging the ServiceNow platform include:
• A very large scale CMDB at an international pharma leveraging CI related data for compliance-related risk assessment and risk management.
• A complex implementation of Field Services which included time tracking, quoting, invoicing and resource reservations.
• Implementing Hardware Asset Management at a hospital
• Implementing Employee Onboarding at a non-profit professional organization

Loves to spend time with family, bike, kayak and just generally be by the ocean

Joel Ramseyer

Joel Ramseyer


Joel Ramseyer

Joel is an industry leader in Service Architecture, Service Management Consulting, and Service Automation. Working with his clients, he designs and implements strategies, processes, organizations, operations, and enabling technologies to ensure service delivery excellence. Joel has an uncanny ability to simultaneously provide strategy and vision for clients and tactically deliver. He successfully leads large-scale Service Management initiatives for global IT, HR, Finance, Legal, Sales, Customer Service, and Facilities organizations. Joel has a wealth of knowledge in Service Automation leveraged through the ServiceNow platform. Prior to joining Service Catalyst, Joel was VP of Global Program Delivery at Fruition Partners.

Kim  Fulton Marchand

Kim Fulton Marchand


Location: Cape Cod, MA
Degree/Education: BA, MBA
Favorite Food: Fried Clams & Blueberry Pie
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Dr. Zhivago

Kim Fulton Marchand is the Manager of Business Operations at Service Catalyst and manages firm’s finance, operations and human resources. She is a resource for both staff and clients.

Kim brings over three decades of management experience to the firm. She has held leadership positions across service industries from professional services to healthcare to the arts and across sectors from venture backed start-ups to venerable non-profits. Kim has extensive experience helping organizations grow by building strong infrastructure and sound internal operations.

Kim and her husband moved from the suburbs of Boston to the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod. A while back they bought, re-branded and run an award-winning inn. An avid naturalist, Kim is happiest on her morning beach walks, keeping an eye on the local ospreys.

Kim earned her BA from the University of Massachusetts and her MBA from Simmons College.

Ben Ramseyer

Ben Ramseyer



Location: Colchester, Vermont
Degree/Education: Bucknell University
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookie
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Truman Show/Homeland

Ben is an ‘omni-tool;’ a balanced attack of service management consulting and technical expertise leading to intelligent solutions that are simple, tactical, and scalable. He ardently believes that along with these solutions come a communication strategy, robust documentation and requirements, and a governance model for the continual operational support and improvement. Ben has been working with service management processes and their marriage with the ServiceNow platform since 2010.

Ben leads a team of skilled consultants who are no ‘order takers,’ but consultants who provide experiential insight into why and how to make informed decisions. They embed themselves with a customer to understand the organization. They are not afraid to push back and challenge view points and decisions by looking at a puzzle through varied perspectives and presenting multiple different solutions with their risks and rewards that may be necessary to solve it.

Ben is very excited by the horizontal growth of ServiceNow across many different verticals outside of the classic ITSM suite. He has recently lead large implementations of Field Services, Asset and Inventory Planning, and Customer Service.

Ben lives in Colchester, Vermont with his wife Gabby, dog Daks, and 2 cats Karoo and Thembi. The whole family enjoys hiking, canoeing, and skiing in and around the Adirondacks and Green Mountains. Ben also enjoys playing basketball in his spare time and sampling all of Vermont’s fine breweries!

Jennifer Griffin-Morales

Jennifer Griffin-Morales



Location: Durham NC
Degree/Education: University of Central Florida
Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Movie/TV Show:


Jennifer is the manager of technical consultants at Service Catalyst.  She works with her team to integrate technical offerings in an efficient and instrumental way. She values her client’s unique needs and works to create solutions that ensure successful implementations and enablement. She believes in the importance of the three P’s when approaching a project — People, Process, and Platform. These three elements are paramount to constructive consulting and desirable deployments.

Certifications: ITIL V3 Foundations, ServiceNow System Administrator, ServiceNow ITSM Implementation Specialist, ServiceNow ITSM Professional, Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP)

Jennifer has implemented Change and Release management across a multitude of clients and industries. She is also well versed in the ITSM suite of processes and solutions. In addition, her understanding of Asset Management and Inventory Planning led to her creating a custom application to assist in inventory management for a world renowned multimedia corporation.

Jennifer is currently working on helping our clients convert from dated and cost prohibitive Remedy hosted solutions to ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform. She recognizes the pain points of reconstructing an organizations’ “native knowledge” into a solution that will be readily adopted come deployment.

She is most excited about the advancement of IoT in the services industry and the potential applications for both providers and end users. Jennifer hopes to pave a way for our clients to begin using IoT devices to help evolve how we work.

Jennifer resides in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband, two dogs, cat, and horse. She enjoys spending her free time on the back of her horse and seeing the world between two ears. Most weekends you can find her out on a trail ride with her trusty mount Tannin or catching a traveling Broadway show at the DPAC with her husband.

Yancy Davis

Yancy Davis



Location: Philadelphia, PA
Degree/Education: BS Computer Science, University of Maryland
Favorite Food: Taco Bell
Favorite Color: #900C3F
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Groundhog Day
Favorite Child: Phoebe


Yancy has worked in IT since graduating from the University of Maryland with dual degrees in Computer Science and English. After taking on various roles throughout IT organizations (development, QA, support), he shifted his focus to service management and immediately gravitated to ServiceNow and its capabilities.

All core ITSM processes. Program languages: C++, JavaScript, PERL

Yancy has been a fan of ServiceNow since his first experience with the platform, where he realized it effectively automated almost all of the more aggravating aspects of managing IT. He’s particularly excited about Service Portal providing the “bells & whistles” to really bring the underlying processes to life.

Yancy lives with his wife, Rachel, and their daughter Phoebe in the Fishtown region of Philadelphia. While parenthood tends to eat up almost all of his free time, he still runs a regular trivia night at the local pub, and checks out live music whenever he’s allowed.

Rodney Holiman

Rodney Holiman



Location: Fort Smith, AR
Degree/Education: BS Computer Science/MBA

Favorite Movie/TV Show: The Godfather
Favorite Historical Figure: Alexander Hamilton
Favorite Place to Visit: Legoland

Rodney has been designing and implementing client/server applications for over 20 years. He has pioneered conversions for clients across all industries from legacy applications to current platform solutions. He has been involved in close to 50 implementations of ServiceNow. Rodney has ample experience with COBOL, DB2, VSAM, and more. He is a highly proficient coder and works to architect custom solutions to better enable our clients. Rodney’s technical understanding of an array of applications provides a level of knowledge most organizations lack. Rodney boasts several certifications with ServiceNow including System Administrator, Implementor Specialist, and Application Development. In addition, he is ITIL V3 Certified. Rodney is proficient in several coding/programming languages including Javascript, C++, C, C#, SQL, Delphi, Visual Basic, and more.

Rodney’s skill sets with process and technology renders him a swiss army knife of the industry. Because of this, he plays a role in most of our client’s projects. He is currently working on complex integrations, architecting custom solutions, and providing advanced coding solutions for some of our more mature clients with highly regulated environments. Rodney has been a mentor and a guide for over a dozen technical consultants and continues to equip our team with coding best practices and expertise to better serve our clients.

Rodney resides in Arkansas with his wife, son, and dogs. He claims he is “the worlds least interesting man” but he is anything but. Rodney is a history aficionado and can tell you most anything you would want to know about historical events or people. Rodney’s free time is spent giving his son the world, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham


Location: Clinton, CT
Degree/Education: MPhil Yale University
Favorite Food: Whopper
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie: Apocalypse Now

Bill Cunningham, PMP, is a certified ITIL Expert . His career in IT covers 20 years.

As a consultant Bill has worked with organizations in a variety of industries to increase their operational control by helping them improve their Change, Configuration and IT Service Continuity Management processes. This includes leading several process projects to design Change and Service Continuity Management processes in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry and government sector.

Bill is versed in LEAN-Six Sigma methodologies for process design and continual service improvement.

Bill is a past- president of the itSMF Boston LIG and the Founding Program Chair of the itSMF Higher Education SIG.

ITIL Expert
LSS Green Belt
ServiceNow CSA
ISO 20000

Bill has led ISO 20000 certification programs which has required the ability to adapt organizational culture to a prescriptive process standard.

He has also enjoyed applying his process development expertise to forensic risk analysis of existing systems and processes. This set up a project to redesign and improve cirticial IT business processes.
He has also led a number of IT Service Continuity (Disaster Recovery) projects that have deepened his insight into the underlying interconnections of processes and systems.

Bill likes to pretend to fly-fish in both salt and fresh water. He also spends a lot of time running and swimming with his Labrador retriever, who thinks Bill needs to work on getting faster.

Kevin Kilroy



Location: Raleigh, NC
Computer Science
Business Communications
Favorite Food: a good slice of pizza.
Favorite Color: Midnight Blue
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Star Wars

Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in large enterprises working in multiple IT disciplines with teams to design and implement processes for running IT and the business. More recently, Kevin is taking that experience to build and deploy successful technical solutions built on the ServiceNow platform for our customers.

Process: ITIL/ITSM, IT Risk Management, IT Security
Technical: ServiceNow NOW Platform, IT Service Management, Service Portal

Kevin has been working with health care and consumer services organizations implementing IT service management applications and integrations to 3rd party systems in ServiceNow. In addition, he has been involved in custom Service Portal development.

Kevin is also prepared to help our customer implement Security Operations and GRC in ServiceNow.

Kevin enjoys spending his time with his wife and two daughters. New to North Carolina, they enjoy visiting new places together to get to know the state they now call home. Kevin is also an avid audiobook and podcast listener. If there’s ever a piece of technology you’ve ever wondered about, Kevin has it or has at least tried it out.

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell


Location: Burlington, VT
Tech Proficiencies: HTML5, CSS, React, Javascript, JQuery, Node.js, Express.js Servers, Passport.js, SQL and noSQL Databases, Docker Containers, C#, Agile Development
Years Experience with ServiceNow: 1
Years with Service Catalyst: 0
Degree/Education: Full-Stack Web Developer Certification – Northwestern University

Favorite Food: Fried Plantains
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie/TV Show: The Newsroom
Favorite Hiking Trail: The Appalachian

I love getting new problems to work on every day. That’s what drew me to ServiceNow development. Service now gives me an opportunity to not only develop services to fulfill a business’ needs, but also to help visualize how the usage of the service impacts the business overall. I geek out on data and finding the stories that it can tell. That’s why I’m excited to work with ServiceNow reports and Dashboards, to help visualize data in new and interesting ways.


I like to spend as much of my free time outside as I can. Whether hiking, climbing, kayaking, or really anything else, I just love to get out in the fresh air. On days that I can’t get outside for something fun, I enjoy playing or listening to (almost all) music.

Jake Moody

Jake Moody



Location: Fairfax, VT
Degree/Education: International Business
Favorite Food: Dessert
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Office, How I Met Your Mother

Jake is a Quality Assurance Specialist at Service Catalyst who excels at analytic thinking and end user interpretation. This helps him pinpoint technical faults while ensuring clients are receiving quality deliverables.

ServiceNow sys admin, functional/user testing, test case creation, automated testing framework (ATF), advance performance analytics/metrics/reporting, dashboards configuration and widget creation are a few things Jake brings to Service Catalyst

Jake is put on many projects due to his ability to quickly learn an environment. He is currently exploring a more technical developer role with Service Catalyst and has designed custom dashboards, request items, reports, and performance analytics for clients.

Performance analytics is what really drives Jake’s interest. With a history in business, he wants to show clients how ServiceNow can help provide stakeholder visibility in an easy to see dashboard.

Jake loves to do many activities outdoors. Hiking, skiing, sailing, disc golfing, are just a few things he does. He has completed eight tough mudders, and if you have the time, he will gladly tell you about the event. Volunteering is very important to Jake and this year he has started volunteering with the Fairfax Fire Department.

Alex Rajka

Alex Rajka



Location: Boston, MA
Degree/Education: Information Sciences & Technology B.S Integration & Application
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Entourage & The Sopranos (Basically any series on HBO)

Graduate of Penn State University’s school of Information Sciences & Technology. Interested in the potential application of emerging technologies in the social media space towards enabling business processes in a corporate setting.

ITIL Certified
ServiceNow Certified SysAdmin

Digital Asset Management

I’m very excited for the future of ServiceNow in terms of the empowerment of the fulfiller in terms of ability & efficiency. The new Fulfiller portal will serve as a powerful user-friendly window that not only better serves the fulfillers themselves, but also to the designers (such as SN partners) who can tailor the experience of the fulfillment user even stronger than before. Eagerly awaiting the London release to see the full capabilities!

I’m an avid sports fan, with a love for all things Pittsburgh: Steelers, Penguins, & sometimes the Pirates. Also, I am currently in the process of moving to the Boston area and very excited to explore the city! Outside of work I am a lover of all things random and can be found at any given moment obsessed over a newfound hobby. My current obsession is pickling & canning!

Charles Sackman

Charles Sackman



Location: Chicago, IL
Degree/Education: B.A. in Economics from Bucknell University
Favorite Food: Tacos al Pastor
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie/TV Show: LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

Charles has been implementing ServiceNow for over 5 years for clients in a wide range of industries. He combines process and technical expertise to execute a wide range of roles, including process consulting and hands-on-keyboard implementation.

Proficient in JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, and the Glide API system. Experience with MID Servers, LDAP integrations, Discovery, SLAs, Import Sets, Transform Maps, Single Sign On (incl. Multi-Provider SSO), Team Development, Scoped Applications, UI Pages/Macros, Workflow Engine, Reporting, CMS, Service Portal, and Web Services
Process proficiency includes Incident, Problem, Change, Service Catalog, Knowledge, CMDB/Asset (incl. SAM), Release, Procurement, Contract, Customer Service, Compliance

Charles’ most recent project was a Procurement, Contract, and Asset Management implementation. It was an interesting project because those processes have significant impacts on the Product/Service Catalog, but the client was not yet ready to take that on. Thus, a principal challenge was setting those processes up to work for the client while also making sure any future interface with the Service Catalog was seamless. The exercise helped the client think about their process and system architecture on a macro scale.

Charles spends his free time playing soccer, watching movies, skiing, and hanging out with his Labrador, Lucy.

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson




Location: New York, NY
Education: BA, English, U of Michigan; MA, Cinema Studies, NYU
Years Experience with ServiceNow: 4
Years with Service Catalyst: 1
Favorite Movie: 2001
Favorite Band: Car Seat Headrest
Favorite Opera: Tristan & Isolde
Favorite Dog: Winnie

Mike was an early employee of what was originally called “The New York Times on the Web” and was project manager for many of NYTimes’ major digital initiatives over the years, including the launch of their metered paywall. At The Times he was also Director of Project Management and Director of IT Service Management, where he first encountered ServiceNow and saw its possibilities for making companies more efficient.

Mike is now a certified ServiceNow Application Developer and System Administrator as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a certified Jira administrator. He would love to make your life easier by automating your old manual processes.

Mike enjoys photographing NYC street life and musical events at