Global Media Company

Asset Management

This large media firm was a prior ServiceNow client and already included strong Incident Management processes, as well as an automated onboarding solution. Despite this, their processes for dealing with assets was very manual and disjointed, as there was no cohesive process or tracking mechanism. The Service Catalyst team was brought in to help get a handle on inventory tracking throughout the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.

Service Catalyst built out a fully automated asset management process with an integration to request management as well as a third-party asset distributor integration. Upon deploying the new process framework and technical integrations, this company also had the following capabilities:

  • Track and manage technology-related hardware and consumable assets in ServiceNow
  • Relate these assets to incident, request, and other transactional processes
  • Manage the full lifecycle of hardware and consumable assets from request to procurement to receipt, to deployment, to return or retirement, and finally, to disposal
  • Manage hardware and consumable asset inventory including reorder points, transfers, cycle-counts, physical inventories, and shortages
  • Asset-related approvals and notifications based on defined workflows
  • Utilize real-time dashboards and reports to manage hardware, software, and consumable assets
  • Integrate with fulfillment vendor resulting in real-time transparency of available stock counts
  • Manage the movement of stock with bar coding and hand scanners that are integrated to the ServiceNow platform