Global Data Storage Company

Asset Management

This Fortune 500 company faced the complex issue of managing massive data labs, including all assets shared between labs, across the globe as part of an effort to test the reliability & performance of their products. Their IT department was then faced with the daunting task of acquiring, tracking and handling reservations for millions of dollarsโ€™ worth of assets in high demand โ€“ all without letting equipment go idle, or losing it entirely.

The Service Catalyst team successfully built out a fully automated asset management process with a direct integration to the request catalog as well as a custom reservation system for engineering assets.ย This solution was then deployed to a large-scale engineering department spanning multiple continents, who now have the following capabilities:

  • Track and manage Engineering Lab hardware (including but not limited to manufacturing inventory, third party capital or capitalized equipment) and consumable assets in ServiceNow
  • Relate these assets to incident, request, and transactional processes
  • Manage the full lifecycle of Engineering R&D Lab hardware and consumable assets from request to procurement to receipt, to deployment, to return or retirement, and finally, to disposal
  • Reserve hardware asset according to defined processes and rules
  • Schedule (without conflict), cancel, and reschedule reservations for assets
  • View reservations in a self-service calendar
  • Manage hardware and consumable asset inventory including transfers, cycle-counts, physical inventories, and shortages
  • Manage hardware and consumable inventory levels and set reorder points
  • Relate hardware and consumable assets to various types of contracts such as maintenance, warrantee, lease, insurance, license bundles, purchase agreements, terms and conditions, and subscriptions.
  • Trigger various asset-related approval, notification, and actions based on rules
  • Utilize real-time dashboards and reports to manage hardware, software, and consumable assets