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The Service Catalyst Team is a dynamic cross-section of leaders, engineers, business analysts, project managers, and educators. What makes us unique is our service management focus, experience and expertise. We bring a balanced approach of service management consulting and technical expertise leading to intelligent solutions that are simple, tactical, and scalable. We stress that with any new solution (organization, process, or technology) there must be a communication strategy, well-documented requirements, and a governance model for continued operational support and improvement.

We are consultants who provide experiential insight into why and how to solve our customer’s issues; we are not “order takers”. We offer perspectives that challenge viewpoints and decisions by looking at a puzzle through varied perspectives and presenting multiple solutions with their risks and rewards that may be necessary to solve it.

Our Story

After consulting for years, in 2008 Valerie Arraj  realized a pattern; a large population of her clients struggled with regulatory issues and were regularly seeking best practice recommendations on how to implement the controls necessary to meet their regulatory requirements. She started a consulting firm called Compliance Process Partners (CPP) to specialize in service management process engineering (and re-engineering) around compliance.

As CPP grew, another pattern emerged. CPP project teams worked with customers to design processes. However, when the time came to automate these new processes, CPP would oversee the implementation enabling technology by other vendors with disappointing results.

In 2014, Val decided to expand the company’s capabilities to include automation implementation services with the goal of promoting more successful outcomes. It put us in the position to give our customers the products and solutions that they deserved. To formulate this melding of process consulting and technology implementation Compliance Process Partners and Diagonal Service decided to join forces.

“Service Automation was a natural next step for CPP. We had been assisting in developing and improving best practice Service Management processes for six years. Our ability to also provide implementation services that automate these processes offers end-to-end capabilities to our customers to be both effective and efficient. The addition of Joel Ramseyer and our new, highly-experienced ServiceNow automation team allowed us to be a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ Service Management needs.” -Valerie Arraj

Shortly after this new, high-performing team was created, Compliance Process Partners chose to do business as ‘Service Catalyst’. This business name reflects alignment with our company’s mission and value proposition: providing excellent service management and strategic consulting services to our customers.

ServiceNow continues to be at the forefront of the marketplace and aligns our core governance and Service Management roots. It is a highly scalable, easy-to-use platform as a service providing the perfect tool for us to deliver service automation as an end-to-end provider. Since 2014, we have had a strong partnership with ServiceNow and are proud to be a ServiceNow implementation partner (www.servicenow.com).


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