ITIL 4 – Some First Impressions

by Bill Cunningham A few months ago I tapped some thoughts on the continued relevance of ITIL in the world of #digitaltransformation.  It turns out that a team have [...]

Instanbul (automated) Functional testing

Last month Jennifer provided us with the hype versus reality around the new Automated Testing Framework (ATF) within ServiceNow’s Istanbul release. This month I’d like to give my take [...]

Twitter Meets Service Management

The Business Analyst Story In my opinion, corporate Twitter accounts fall into two categories: Large company’s corporate Twitter account that is run by a team of millennials tweeting marketing [...]

The Cursive Writing On The Wall

There is a great debate raging right now in pedagogical circles about the need to continue teaching cursive writing.  The arguments for it run from it’s an important tradition [...]

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