The ‘Leadership Delusion’

It has become fashionable to differentiate between Leadership and Management. Properly understood and applied this is a useful distinction. Carly Fiorina has a very succinct statement on this topic. [...]

Kemba Walker, Fundamentals and IT Transformation

Often unnoticed by casual fans and underappreciated by the more experienced, footwork is a fundamental skill that separates the good from the very good. Footwork is a Critical Success [...]

ITIL in a Box: What Version are We On?

I can relate to Valerie’s comments in her recent post in this space concerning the efforts of many managers to find a simple path to ‘implementing ITIL.’ When discussing [...]

On ITIL&Six Sigma

Both ITIL and Six Sigma are excellent mechanisms to build an effective, productive, service-oriented IT organization. The trick is to understand the role that each plays and assure that your implementation approach is designed to produce the maximum benefit.

On ITIL&Six Sigma

Six Sigma or ITIL for IT organizations?  We're often asked this question as if there is a clear choice between the two or that they are mutually exclusive.  While, [...]