Episode 40: ITIL V4

Service Catalyst ITIL Experts Bill Cunningham & Valerie Arraj discuss the new ITIL V4 framework alongside host Jennifer Griffin. Learn what changes to expect with the latest version, why [...]

Episode 38: Quote Management

Organizations that need to estimate the cost of services or goods to their clients need a good Quote Management capability. Although ServiceNow allows for chargeback, there is no built [...]

Episode 37: App Access

Listen to Service Catalyst discuss our new solution to track application access across your environment in ServiceNow.

Episode 35: ServiceNow’s Istanbul Release

Service Catalyst shares our experiences with upgrading to Istanbul. We highlight many cool features that you will immediately want to take advantage of in your organization.

Episode 34: Women in Tech

Some of the Women of Service Catalyst (and a couple of male back-up singers) provide a Baby Boomer and Millennial perspective on what it's been like to enter and continue [...]

Episode 33: Twitter Integration and ServiceNow

Why on earth would you want to Tweet from ServiceNow (think Major Incidents, Outages, Alerts, the ability to communicate when your own network is unavailable)?? How might you integrate [...]

Episode 32: Application Lifecycle Management

In this podcast we cover Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from Ideation, Demand, capturing business and functional requirements through testing and beyond! PMs, BRMs, and App Dev teams.

Episode 31: Asset Management

The Service Catalyst team introduces Asset Management automation and discusses how best to get your assets out of spreadsheets and into a system to help better track and drive [...]

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