Come Talk to Us Early in your ServiceNow Journey

At the recent ServiceNow Knowledge 17 conference there was flier in the complimentary marketing materials that attempted to use some reverse psychology to lend the vendor some street cred [...]

Reviewing the Scene of Knowledge16!

Reviewing the Scene of Knowledge16! Co-author Yancy Davis Fitbit steps hit a new record, smartwatch needs a hand, and the future of Knowledge is where dreams come true. Knowledge16 [...]

Kibitz Management

One trap that victims of the Leadership Delusion often fall into is Kibitz Management, though it is a common enough management style all its own. Kibitz Management follows from [...]

The ‘Leadership Delusion’

It has become fashionable to differentiate between Leadership and Management. Properly understood and applied this is a useful distinction. Carly Fiorina has a very succinct statement on this topic. [...]

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