Come Talk to Us Early in your ServiceNow Journey

At the recent ServiceNow Knowledge 17 conference there was flier in the complimentary marketing materials that attempted to use some reverse psychology to lend the vendor some street cred [...]

Twitter Meets Service Management

The Business Analyst Story In my opinion, corporate Twitter accounts fall into two categories: Large company’s corporate Twitter account that is run by a team of millennials tweeting marketing [...]

Peeling Back the Service Catalog

I’ve written several times about the service catalog.  It’s one of those things that is as powerful as it is confusing.  Developing a service catalog is an evolutionary project.  [...]

Demystifying The Confusing Service Catalog

What is a "Service Catalog"? Ask this question to 10 people and y0u may get 20 answers. And the answers vary from a documented resume-like list of IT capabilities to a list of requestable items that IT can provide to an end-user. See the ITIL breakdown ...