IT Event Management Stuck at The Crossroads

I’ve been in IT for longer than I’d like to admit and one thing I’ve seen repeatedly is companies taking a disorganized and ad-hoc approach to Event Management [...]

Complacency in the Cloud

I don’t like the fact that I have a trust issue.  I wish I could change -- but I can’t.  Oops sorry folks, I thought I was in my [...]

H.R. 2221: Data Accountability and Trust Act

The national Data Accountability and Trust Act, H.R. 2221 passed within the House of Representatives earlier this month (Dec. 8th, 2009).  The Bill -- as with 201 CMR 17.00, [...]

SSL and TLS no longer safe?

 A huge chink in the armor of end-to-end encryption took a big hit last week when the US-CERT reported that a man-in-the-middle exploit code against SSL and TLS is [...]

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