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Tracking Your Automated Tests in ServiceNow with Service Catalyst’s Requirements Management Tool

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by Mike Wilson

 What’s great about ServiceNow is that it can do so much for an organization in so many areas.  But the more you rely on ServiceNow, the more onerous it becomes to make sure you don’t break anything every time you add a feature or upgrade … otherwise known as regression testing.  With a large implementation of ServiceNow, even keeping track of everything you’ve implemented on the platform, and how to test it, becomes a major job in itself.   

Service Catalyst built our custom Requirements Management Tool to solve this basic problem, and now, we’ve enhanced it to integrate automated […]

Episode 39: Requirements Tool and Automated Testing Framework (ATF)

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Service Catalyst dives in to our custom Requirements Application and how we’ve seamlessly linked it together with ServiceNow’s Automated Testing capabilities. Learn how your organization can benefit from a comprehensive tool that manages your entire implementation cycle from sprints and stories through automated functional and regression testing.

IT Silos and the Need for Enterprise Architecture

By |November 30th, 2018|Categories: Enterprise Architecture, ITSM, ITSM Automation|

By Valerie Arraj

It’s time to reign in the unplanned proliferation of tools used to manage IT.

Consider the following scenario: You are responsible for the care and feeding of a power plant that services a major region of the country. In this capacity, you must tightly manage each of the following areas or risk a major power outage or power degradation to a densely populated area that is home to a major world financial center.

Your job is to:

  • Assure continuous availability of power
  • Guarantee power capacity during times of peak utilization
  • Provide ongoing […]

ITIL 4 – Some First Impressions

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by Bill Cunningham

A few months ago I tapped some thoughts on the continued relevance of ITIL in the world of #digitaltransformation.  It turns out that a team have been hard at work on a new version of the world’s leading service management framework, titled ‘ITIL 4’. There is an pretty obvious attempt to assure the continued relevance of the framework in light of the increasing adoption of such approaches as #DevOps, #Lean and #Agile.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend an advanced, ‘first look’ – ‘ITIL 4 Train […]

Episode 38: Quote Management

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Organizations that need to estimate the cost of services or goods to their clients need a good Quote Management capability. Although ServiceNow allows for chargeback, there is no built in quoting mechanism. But don’t fret! Service Catalyst has built a solution to meet your needs. Learn more about it in this podcast episode!