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Episode 38: Quote Management

By |September 25th, 2018|Categories: Podcasts|

Organizations that need to estimate the cost of services or goods to their clients need a good Quote Management capability. Although ServiceNow allows for chargeback, there is no built in quoting mechanism. But don’t fret! Service Catalyst has built a solution to meet your needs. Learn more about it in this podcast episode!

Automated Testing Framework – A Layered Approach

By |August 27th, 2018|Categories: Automated Testing Framework, ITSM Automation|

Two releases in, Automated Testing within ServiceNow is still largely in an immature state. Consider however, the tall task that is replacing the time-tested approach of actual user testing and you quickly realize the gravity of the situation. Even outside of the ServiceNow platform, no technology has been made readily available to replace the effectiveness of the human element in testing, and it appears that trend will continue for some time. The question then becomes: how does one effectively make use of the Automated Testing Framework right now?

To imagine how ATF operates, […]

Vulnerability Management – What Are Vulnerability Group Rules, How Do They Work, and Why Are They so Important?

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Vulnerability Management

When it comes to Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Group Rules can be powerful when configured correctly. However, they may not work the way that you’d expect. I’ve had several situations in which the subject of Vulnerability Group Rules has come up, but the conversation has gotten sidetracked over confusion about how a Vulnerability Group Rule functions. First, a Vulnerability Group Rule is NOT a condition-based filter. You cannot create a Group Rule for just “Windows Server Patches for the Northeast region”, for example (in this case you would want to create […]

What’s ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Management app, and how do I use it?

By |June 29th, 2018|Categories: Security, ServiceNow|Tags: , , , |

by Charlie Sackman, Service Catalyst

ServiceNow’s recently released Vulnerability Management application can be a massively powerful tool for organizations to evaluate and remediate vulnerabilities on the configuration items(CIs) within their network, but it  it can be hard for some organizations to get their head(s) around the big picture. It works in conjunction with – and is dependent upon – Qualys, a highly effective vulnerability detection tool. In fact, step one of setting up Vulnerability Management in ServiceNow is setting up Qualys in your environment. However, for the purposes of this blog post, I […]

Solving Your Application Access Nightmare

By |May 21st, 2018|Categories: Compliance, Configuration Management, Security, Service Catalog, ServiceNow|Tags: , , |

Solving Your Application Access Nightmare

Too often I have run into organizations who do not have a clear picture of who has access to what.  I hear things like “who has admin access in ServiceNow?!”  “Who can delete an expense in Concur?” “Uh oh, we are getting audited and we have 300 people with write access to HIPAA data!”   “We are paying for 1,000 licenses to Salesforce, but I think we only have 300 employees” and on and on and on….   Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a single source of truth for the applications […]