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ITIL 4 – Service Value System – Guiding Principles and Practices

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A while ago I had posted some thoughts on the impending release of ITIL 4. Well, the ITIL 4 Foundations material has been fully released and I have taught my first class – everybody passed the exam!!! – so here are some more fully formed thoughts around the new release now that I’ve had a chance to engage with it in some depth.

It’s funny – change is hard, and this whole ITIL 4 introduction and learning about it has been a personal reminder of that. I attended a seminar a few […]

Episode 40: ITIL V4

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Service Catalyst ITIL Experts Bill Cunningham & Valerie Arraj discuss the new ITIL V4 framework alongside host Jennifer Griffin. Learn what changes to expect with the latest version, why those changes are notable, and how your organization can begin to adopt the most up-to-date best practice of ITIL.

Exporting data in unload format via script in ServiceNow

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I recently had a project whose major requirement was the ability to unload data from an instance to a file that could be reloaded into another instance. Seemed simple enough at the time, there are built in script includes that allow this. The job is done. Well, not so fast. The specifics of the requirements made it such that the ExportWithRelatedLists script include didn’t quite work, and required some extension and hammering, which is what I did.
Not too long after that project closed, I was perusing the ServiceNow docs, searching for something […]

Unlock the Secret – Add a list of records to an update set

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One very useful feature in ServiceNow is the “Force to Update Set” UI Action (found here). The only downside to this is that it only adds one record at a time. There have been several times where I’ve had to add multiple records to an update set. To that end here is the full code to implement a UI action that allows adding a list of records to an update set:

Force List to Update Set UI Action
Name: Force List to Update Set
Action name:
Client: True
List context menu: True
OnClick: forceToUpdateSet();

Markdown Part 2 – Diving Deeper: My Markdown Workflow

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Welcome to part 2 of a 3-part series on Markdown. If you haven’t read the first post in this series, you can do so here.

In this post, we dive into the workflow of writing, viewing, and publishing Markdown. Let’s get started.

Writing Markdown

All you really need is a text editor, any text editor. My preference happens to be Visual Studio Code – one reason is because I use both Windows and macOS, and Code is available for […]

Defect Attractors in ServiceNow

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Eric S. Raymond defines “Defect Attractors” as

“a feature which, while possibly not bad in itself, spawns defects in the design or code near it”

(full post here: It’s worth reading the whole thing). The article discusses defect attractors in the context of low level APIs and language design, but development in ServiceNow has defect attractors too.

The first defect attractor isn’t specific to ServiceNow, but is part of the language we use to extend ServiceNow, JavaScript. JavaScript is a weakly typed language and that makes for huge defect attractors. […]