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Exploring Markdown

In this three-part post, we’ll be exploring what Markdown is and how it is used in my workflow for creating documentation. Part 1 focuses on how Markdown came to [...]

IT Event Management Stuck at The Crossroads

I’ve been in IT for longer than I’d like to admit and one thing I’ve seen repeatedly is companies taking a disorganized and ad-hoc approach to Event Management [...]

Episode 26: Build It and They Will Come?

It’s hard enough building an Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework and team for your business let alone trying to gather the necessary critical mass within an organization for adoption. The [...]

Episode 25: ITSM Projects

If you've ever wondered what other Companies are doing to improve the value of IT to the business, look no further. Episode 25 takes you on a journey of [...]

Episode 24: Fluffernutter

In Episode 24, cut through the Cloud "Fluffernutter" with Jay and Val as they explore what companies should do when engaging providers. Whether you have or will be developing [...]

I Want IT Fixed Now, DamnIT!

A couple of CPP’s clients have recently brought up the topic of Service Level Agreements, and in particular, IT’s response to Incidents and Service Requests and I feel the [...]

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