by Mike Wilson

 What’s great about ServiceNow is that it can do so much for an organization in so many areas.  But the more you rely on ServiceNow, the more onerous it becomes to make sure you don’t break anything every time you add a feature or upgrade … otherwise known as regression testing.  With a large implementation of ServiceNow, even keeping track of everything you’ve implemented on the platform, and how to test it, becomes a major job in itself.   

Service Catalyst built our custom Requirements Management Tool to solve this basic problem, and now, we’ve enhanced it to integrate automated testing. 

ServiceNow took a big step forward when it introduced the Automated Testing Framework (ATF) in the Istanbul release.  Previously, all testing within ServiceNow had to be performed by a human, but now, a set of automated test scripts can be created and triggered whenever needed, e.g. along with a weekly release cycle.  

What’s still missing, however, is a broader view that links automated tests to your overall process.  Yes, great, you’ve got a bunch of automated tests created in ServiceNow.  But do you have enough automated tests?  Or are there critical areas with no tests at all?  What tests are you still running manually?  If an automated test fails, did anyone follow up?       

Service Catalyst’s Requirements Management Tool answers these questions by linking all of your tests – both automated and manual – back to the original requirements.  The Requirements Management Tool stores all these items, all in one place…   


… and links them all together for full traceability.   

When an automated test fails, a single click will create a defect that you can assign for follow up: 



A dashboard shows the status of your testing coverage… 

Tests and requirements are also tagged by component, so that you can easily pull a list of, for example, all available tests related to Incident Management. 

Best of all, it’s all stored within ServiceNow itself, instead of a spreadsheet or google drive file that you can’t find when you need it.   

Service Catalyst offers the Requirements Management Tool to our clients as part of every ServiceNow engagement.  Contact us for a demo.  

Also. listen to our Podcast on this topic at: